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  • Mark Hill

Let's Continue What We Started

A little less than three years ago, we undertook a seemingly insurmountable task to change the direction that our city was heading. A direction that would have changed the small home town feel of our close knit community. Through the tireless efforts, relentless citizen appearances, countless emails, voter turn out, and your financial support; you were successful in changing the course of Coppell's future. Mixed Use/High Density housing was virtually wiped off the map because of your voices. The success we achieved leads me to believe that we can and will do more in the coming three years, which is the exact reason I am announcing my candidacy for re-election to the Coppell City Council for 2017. In just a few short months in May, voters will head back to the polls to elect four of the seven city council members. I want to be there at the dais to continue what we have started and use your input to further shape the city to be the best little 14 square mile oasis in DFW. Follow me on Twitter @MarkHillCoppell, or Facebook at .

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