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Mark Hill: A Vote Against High Density Housing

Everyone should make themselves aware of what is included in the Coppell 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan. I think you will be shocked by the high density housing that they have planned for your backyard. My opponent supports this plan completely and does not want to change it. I believe this plan is taking Coppell in the wrong direction and I am working for you to get it changed.

More and more people tell me that they had no idea that this is what the future holds for their neighborhoods. I have already been told by 4 out of the 125 people involved with the comprehensive master plan that high density housing was highly opposed and they do not understand how it became included. Take a look at the image of the comprehensive master plan. Locate your neighborhood on the map and note the shaded color of that area. If it is magenta or plum colored, high density housing is coming to a neighborhood near you. Here is a link to the complete comprehensive master plan document so you can download it and read it thoroughly: Coppell 2030 Comprhensive Master Plan

Skip to page 40 of the PDF and read for yourself about the proposed densities. Is this what you envisioned for Coppell? At first glance, you may see this as a scare tactic on my part and this is all way off in the distant future. Some council members have accused me of the exact same thing. However, I am helping several groups across Coppell fight two proposed projects already. One project has a density of 37 units per acre and other has 16 units per acre. When the cases are taken before city council, the argument is always the same, “The proposed project is in line with the Coppell 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan so you should vote to approve it”. Only Mr. Mays has taken a definitive stand against these projects and the other members still stand behind the comprehensive master plan. They are neither interested in amending the plan nor taking decisive action against the “mixed use” high density housing projects. I have a personal interest in this issue along with 40,021 of my fellow Coppell citizens. Ask yourself these two questions:

1. Why did I move to Coppell?

2. Is this what I want my Coppell to become?

3. Do you want a councilman that will change it or one that is happy with the status quo?

Vote responsible growth for Coppell.

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