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  • Mark Hill

Transparency in Campaign Financing

My candidacy is based upon being a voice for the citizens of Coppell. Accordingly, my campaign contributions are from grass root supporters just like who contribute to our cause against high density housing projects in Coppell.

My opponent, on the other hand, has accepted over $1700 in contributions from Political Action Committees and developers pushing high density housing in Coppell. Here is a link to his campaign finance report detailing these contributions. The developer listed, was in fact, the man that twice tore down my campaign sign after we had a telephone conversation discussing my views against Mixed Use/High Density Housing projects. See my Facebook post from April 5th for more detail. He has also accepted multiple large donations from a Political Action Committee who's sole focus is promoting more apartments in Coppell. I received the same invitation and packet of information from this PAC. After reading the questionnaire, their intentions were quite clear and I promptly put it in the circular file.

Actions speak louder than words. It is quite clear which candidate is fully committed to preserving your Coppell and assuring only responsible growth.

For full disclosure, here is a link to my campaign finance reports showing the list of concerned citizens that made contributions of their hard earned money in support of our cause against high density housing projects in Coppell.

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