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311 Unit High Density Housing Project Proposed - 400 More on the Way!

Developers are up to it again in Coppell. Another 311 apartment units are being proposed at the east side of S. Belt Line Road between E. Dividend Drive and Chartwell Drive. That is a staggering density of 28 units per acre. Again P&Z staff is recommending approval and pointing to the Coppell 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan as reason to approve it. They are also referencing draft versions of zoning classifications that have yet to be adopted by the planning and zoning commission or that have received formal feedback from you, the citizens. Here is an excerpt from the P&Z Commission Agenda for more details.

What can you do to prevent Coppell from being overrun by high density housing projects and losing it small hometown feel? Call and send emails to Planning & Zoning Staff as well as Planning & Zoning Commissioners at the emails listed below:

  • Gary Sieb, Planning Director - , 972-304-3678

  • Marcie Diamond, Asst. Planning Director - , 972-304-3678

  • Justin Goodale -

  • City Planning -

  • Eddie Haas Chairman -

  • Glenn Portman, Vice Chairman -

  • Doug Robinson -

  • Ed Darling -

  • Justin Goodale -

  • Sue Blankenship -

  • Vijay Sarma -

Another mixed use/high density housing project with 400 units is in the pipeline after the 311 units in approved. This struggle will continue until city council does something about it. Ask the city council candidates for the upcoming election what they plan to do to change the Coppell 2030 Comprehensive plan so that it does not contain high density housing. If they do not support this change, your only choice is to vote for responsible growth in Coppell.

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